Chapter 2  (4)

Chapter 4| Data matters; Benefits for compliant companies

“What gets measured, gets managed.” - Peter Drucker 

If words are the welcome, then data sets the agenda. As with any  area of business management, what is measured, is managed. You  never set out to grow a division of your business without sourcing  key business data to inform your planning. The same is true with  inclusion and diversity. If you understand that this is a critical driver  of strategic growth, then you will approach it with the same rigour  and thoughtfulness. 

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3| Communication is key; Welcome words

Our words have the power to transform. They have the power to  heal. They have the power to welcome. Thoughtfully chosen and  carefully communicated, they can signal to every stakeholder  what really matters. An absence of mindful communication is a  dangerous void in organisations. The fear of making a mistake or  of being criticised often prevents leaders from speaking up on the  topic of inclusion and diversity.  

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2| Lead and Learn; Inclusive Leadership

“Reach in for the stars; go within yourself and search for the hidden,  latent, buried and unknown talents that you can bring out and use  to lighten, brighten the darkness or minimise the setbacks of people  around you”  - Dr Christiana Ayoka Mary Thorpe

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Chapter 2  (2)

Chapter 1| The time has come; Why inclusion matters

The time has arrived for inclusion. The year 2020 has accelerated our collective awareness of what happens when we exclude whole sections of our society. It has been impossible to ignore the cost of exclusion because of several major issues that emerged, including: the death of George Floyd in May; Black Lives Matter; and the deep inequalities highlighted by Covid-19. Nor were these events limited solely to civil society. They immediately impacted the private sector with rapid accountability demanded of corporate institutions and leaders....

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"The Diversity Playbook is written as a structured guide to embedding inclusion, diversity and equity across an entire business. The chapters are ordered in the sequence of recommended application, which has been developed through my own work as a consultant, advisor and entrepreneur in this field."

Hephzi Pemberton, The Diversity Playbook Author and CEO of Equality Group