“The Diversity Playbook” the first nonfiction, business book from the Equality Group’s founder and CEO Hephzi Pemberton.

It contains proven expertise, factual examples and practical tools to transform your business and leadership approach with inclusion and innovation as a central shared goal and priority.

The Diversity Playbook explores why the time has arrived for inclusion and how to:

  • apply inclusive leadership skills
  • ensure that communication is key and data matters
  • enhance business values with purposeful action and positive return
  • celebrate success using incentive and accountability applications
  • debias systems and ensure inclusive hiring
  • achieve parity across reviews, retention and promotion
  • build inclusive foundations and positive policies
  • humanise work making sure that social sustainability is achieved for all

Practical tool box, thoughtfully written

This book is a practical guide for anyone who wants to make their organisation more diverse and inclusive but doesn’t know where to start. It follows a logical order of themes and tools and leaves the reader with an actionable plan. I like that it blends science-based knowledge with real-life industry examples, which makes it really relevant and accessible.

Eves - 5 stars

Relevant and timely

Very engaging, pragmatic book. Would be useful for business leaders or HR professionals to sense check their own diversity and inclusion strategy, measurement and communication.

Rhian - 5 stars

A must read for any business leader

Such a great read. Fantastic insights, illuminating examples and practical steps provide numerous value creating tools for any business leader to utilise.

Simon - 5 stars

"The Diversity Playbook is written as a structured guide to embedding inclusion, diversity and equity across an entire business. The chapters are ordered in the sequence of recommended application, which has been developed through my own work as a consultant, advisor and entrepreneur in this field."

Hephzi Pemberton - The Diversity Playbook Author and CEO of Equality Group