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DEI Fundamentals: Strategy and Practices 

Thursday, June 8, 2023

12:00 - 13:00 (BST)

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What will you learn?

We know from research (F.Dobbin & A.Kalev 2018)  that Unconscious Bias training does little to change attitudes or behaviours, it can activate stereotyping and may simply be counterproductive. So what works? Training with the right complementary measures. This is why this workshop covers:

  • Which practices lead (and which don’t) to successful implementation of DEI
  • Explanation on how to build a DEI strategy
  • Individual and collective responsibility

What are the takeaways?
Understanding fundamental DEI principles that will help you to build a strategy. 
A workbook with key information and reflective exercises.

Who can join?
This workshop will be relevant for ESG and HR leads, DEI Champions, and individuals who want to understand fundamental principles of DEI.

What is the format?
This is a 60-minute digital workshop that is hosted on Zoom. The participants joining the session are from different sectors and seniorities. As it is a workshop, active participation is highly encouraged - cameras on, bring your questions and opinions to debate!

How much is the workshop?
Our mission is to create tangible changes in companies through DEI, this is why we are running our workshops at a concession rate of £189 + VAT for each session per person.
(10% discount if you book all five sessions in advance; for group discounts please contact

Who is presenting?
This workshop is presented by Sasha Graham, Partner and Head of Education at Equality Group. 

For any questions about the workshop please contact

The course will consist of five sessions, each one conducted by one of our experts. The sessions are held over the course of June, with workbooks and recordings available to those who register but are unable to attend the session.

After registering, you will be redirected to the payment site, and once we have secured your deposit, you will receive the event invite(s).

Learn from industry experts and meet with peers

Our training program is conducted by five DEI specialists with extensive experience and expertise in developing inclusive workplaces, coaching leadership and implementing effective strategies.



Sasha Graham

Partner & Head of Education at Equality Group

DEI Fundamentals

Hephzi Pemberton

CEO & Co- Founder of Equality Group

Inclusive Leadership

Prof. Keon West

Head of Academic Research at Equality Group

Bias: Facts not Fiction

Eva Lauerbach

Partner & Head of EDI Consultancy at Equality Group

Hiring for Diversity

Simon Norris

Partner & Head of Executive Search at Equality Group

Allyship in Action