Inclusive workplaces with high levels of retention start with an educated and empathetic workforce. We help firms build their EDI knowledge, so staff feel seen and empowered.

Digital workshops

Based on the latest scientific research, our digital workshops offer comprehensive training across a range of DEI topics.

Our workshops are tailored to support the delivery of the overall company's DEI strategy.

Digital training platform: coming soon

For DEI knowledge to be absorbed fully, learning needs to take place outside of workshops.

Our online learning modules allow participants to research DEI topics in their own time, both before and after the workshop.

Workshop results:


believe their organisation will be more inclusive


want to challenge bias at work


are comfortable discussing privilege

"This was a very well organized and informative seminar. It is greatly appreciated and actually quite team building. The breakrooms made it feel as though we were in a room and were able to speak openly with our colleagues and were able to obtain a safe space to express ourselves."

Conscious Inclusion Workshop Participant, 2020

Unconscious Bias Training doesn't work - find something that does