"The leaders and firms who embrace and embed inclusion and diversity into their business will win. They will be the businesses that innovate and adapt more rapidly. They will have a workplace culture that talent seek out and stay with. They will reach a wider set of customers and clients, who will feel valued and understood. They are the ones who know that to achieve all these benefits you have to take inclusion and diversity seriously. This is what we believe and what we practice at Equality Group."

Hephzi Pemberton - Founder & CEO

The Equality Promise

We passionately believe that all humans are created equal. No matter your gender, race or religion. We treat everyone we meet with equal respect and dignity.

We strive for excellence in all we do. We work hard to deliver results for our members and clients. We measure ourselves against the best in our industry and we work hard to constantly improve.

We focus on our goals and never take our eyes off the prize of achieving equality for all people. We know this is a long race and we will continue to run it with perseverance and pace.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity is not only our expertise, it is the lifeblood of our team and our business. We are an equal opportunities employer seeking the broadest range of backgrounds and perspectives possible.

Our desire is to have as representative a team across gender, race, sexuality, religion, age, disability (visible and invisible), socio-economic background and work / life experience.

We believe that diverse teams ask better questions and inclusive teams find better answers.

Actions and policies

We are a fully remote and flexible working team. Our team has coworking space in London and Berlin. Many of our team are working parents and we have equal parental leave for all employees.

We practice what we preach in our recruitment, reviews and promotion practices. Our aim is to have objective and debiased processes, where everyone in the company has the chance to excel and advance.

Every team member has the additional support of coaching and mentorship at key stages in their development. Our culture is one of belonging, collaboration and excellence, where everyone can reach their fullest potential as part of the Equality Group team.

We are climate neutral

Since all ESG dimensions go hand in hand, we also want to make our contribution to environmental sustainability. Thus, we are proud to announce that we are a climate neutral company since 2020.

Together with our independent partner, we were able to identify the CO2 generated by our business operations and to compensate these emissions through climate protection projects. Find out more.