Our Goal

Our strategic consultancy offers practical and measurable results. We provide solution focused strategies based on the latest academic research, business best practice and the specific needs of the business. 

The process involves data collection, data analysis, workshops and the implementation of tailored Inclusion and Diversity strategies.

Our six month three step process to creating a more Inclusive and Diverse workplace includes:





Companies that trust us

"The work of Equality Group is inspiring and has helped challenge us to think more ambitiously about Diversity and Inclusion at our company. We are committed to seeing our goals come to fruition and feel confident that with Equality Group's help we will achieve this."

Head of Portfolio - $10bn AuM Asset Manager

Our Three Step Process to creating a more Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

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1. Evaluating

Data gathering and analysis identifying where your business is at on the Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) spectrum

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2. Envisioning

Based on gathered data establishing the company's I&D goals and identify strategies in achieving these goals

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3. Equipping

Assisting the company to achieve its set targets by enabling all employees to create a more inclusive and diverse environment

87% of employees felt more involved and invested in Inclusion and Diversity since the involvement of Equality Group

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Apply holistic strategies that will bring positive changes

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