Locked out of EDI’s potential?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are the cornerstone for happy, healthy, high-performing and innovative teams. But many companies struggle to know where to start to unlock EDI’s full potential.

Find your firm’s EDI coach

Equality Group uncovers EDI barriers and offers tailored solutions to unleash performance. Driven by data and enabled by tech, our team of consultants helps to unlock a firm’s potential. We coach our clients to become EDI leaders. We build roadmaps to success via our training and strategic consultancy.

Diverse Talent

Diverse teams win. But finding, hiring and retaining diverse talent can be taxing.

We help firms attract talent, build sustainable pipelines and retain their best people.

Inclusion Education

Inclusive workplaces with high levels of retention start with an educated and empathetic workforce.

We help firms build their EDI knowledge, so staff feel seen and empowered.


Data enables strategic, measured and impact-driven decision making.

Our in-house data tool, Honordex, uncovers EDI barriers and helps formulate impactful solutions.

Strategic Consultancy

Every firm faces a unique combination of EDI challenges. Our tailored consultancy offers practical and measurable results.

We evaluate, envision and equip companies to become EDI leaders.

“Equality Group helped evolve the conversation away from the ‘box-checking’ that often accompanies diversity discussions and towards the benefits of inclusion, cultural adjustments and innovation. They provided a suggested “Rules of Engagement” outline for encouraged inclusive behaviours that would provide knock-on benefits. And it has!!”

Kelsey Lynn Skinner Partner at IP Group plc

“It was a pleasure working with Eva and the rest of the Equality group to develop a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion playbook for our portfolio companies. The DEI toolkit serves as a best practice guidance and covers all steps of the DEI journey, from strategy and recruitment to communications and behaviours. With great expertise in DEI, the Equality Group did an amazing job pulling it all together to a great product that I am sure our business will value a lot!”

Caroline Löfgren Chief Sustainability Officer, HG Capital