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Data gathering and analysis identifies where your business is on it DEI journey

A one size fits all approach doesn't work when dealing with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

This is why we start with an assessment. Depending on where you are at and what you need, we offer a range of bespoke consulting and training services.

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1. Assessment

DEI is complex. Your location, industry and priorities impact how to approach DEI in your company. We start with understanding your people through collecting quantitative data (QUANTsight) via our robust survey. This creates an outline of who is represented in your company, how do people feel, what progress you should acknowledge and what you should improve. Qualitative data gathering (QUALsight) brings the quant data to life and adds colour between the lines. Innerdex and Honordex are our company assessment tools that reflect key requirements from compliance frameworks (GDEIB, ILPA, FCA).




Equality Group’s method of using quantitative data to provide DEI-related insights into your company.

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Equality Group’s method of using qualitative data to provide DEI-related insights into your company.

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Equality Group's cutting-edge Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) measurement framework designed to assess and enhance the internal landscape of organisations.

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Equality Group’s external DEI data measurement framework. It measures and scores companies’ DEI performance based on their publicly available information.

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2. Consulting

  • Data provides foundation for the DEI strategy and development work
  • We work in partnership with you building a bespoke roadmap helping you to achieve your goal
  • Support delivered by a team of consultants together with leading DEI academics
  • Provides actionable recommendations, innovative ideas and metrics for enhancing the strategy
  • Aligns on the key priorities and values through interviews with stakeholders engaged in our DEI work, assessing the effectiveness of current implementation efforts

Build inclusive cultures for the modern workspace

3. Training

  • We offer a variety of workshops to improve on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Our tailored sessions cultivate a mindful approach to DEI, fostering a workplace that celebrates individual contributions. Delve into interactive activities and evidence-based discussions that dispel common DEI myths, promoting a nuanced understanding.
  • We aim to obtain as much relevant data for each session as possible. For example, we collect data on results of Implicit Association Tests (IATs) to assess biases (gender and ethnicity), share individual and team results.