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Using quantitative data to provide DEI-related insights


What is QUANTsight?

QUANTsight is Equality Group’s method of using quantitative data to provide DEI-related insights into your company.

Using impartial, numerical data and a predetermined, expert analysis strategy, Equality Group generates clear, measurable information about your company’s DEI strengths and weaknesses, and offers data-based strategies to achieve the most DEI growth. It is the best way to get objective information on your DEI performance.

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What data do you collect?

Based on relevant scientific research, Equality Group has identified key variables of interest that are indicative of the DEI-related health and maturity of a company. These include, among others, pay and promotion equity, sense of belonging, quality of feedback, transparency, and perceived fairness. For each member of your company, Equality Group will collect data on all these variables of interest as well as their relevant demographic data (e.g., age, gender, and ethnicity).

How is the data analysed?

Our analyses are the same as those used in internationally-acclaimed, peer-reviewed research on diversity, equity and inclusion and are conducted by experts with several scientific publications to their name. We don’t merely offer information on differences between various groups in your company, but use established scientific techniques to identify statistically-significant trends in your data.

There is some variability depending on the type of data collected; for example categorical variables (e.g., gender) cannot be analysed using the same tools as continuous variables (e.g., age). Nonetheless, our analyses generally model demographic characteristics (e.g., gender) as predictors of DEI-related outcomes (e.g., perceived fairness) to quantitatively answer important questions about your company (e.g., do women reliably perceive your company to be fairer or less fair than men do?). Furthermore, our analyses minimise spurious associations in the data by ensuring that only the most reliable predictors emerge as statistically significant (e.g., regression-based techniques are prioritised over correlation-based techniques, as regression can be used to identify the strongest and most reliable of a list of potential predictive variables).

How are the findings reported?

Equality Group will produce a brief report, typically 20 - 30 pages, with as much space dedicated to graphs as to text. This report will include an overview of how your company’s data were collected and managed, the statistically-significant results of our data analyses, and an executive summary of the key areas of strength, weaknesses, and potential growth.

You will never have to engage with individual lines of data, and all statistical analyses will be explained in plain English. Furthermore, our reporting strategy is predetermined in that we always provide detail on all statistically-significant trends and never present non-significant trends as statistically meaningful. This ensures maximum fairness and accountability. Neither you nor Equality Group can be accused of hiding important information or of cherry-picking results to skew the overall message. If findings are in the report, you and your team will know that they are fair and accurate.


What are the benefits of working with Equality Group?

There are several:

  • Many DEI companies collect data. However, very few have the relevant scientific expertise to select the most appropriate variables or measures.
  • Many DEI companies claim to analyse and present data, but few can manage data with scientific expertise, sophistication, and an understanding of statistical significance.
  • Some companies collect data internally, however this raises issues of anonymity, data protection, and trust. With Equality Group acting as a separate data managing entity we can ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity, encouraging your team to be fully open and honest.

Can we modify the variables or analyses?

Yes. However, both the selected variables and the analysis strategy are based on considerable expertise. Changing either might have unintended effects or produce a report that is less suited to your needs. We want to ensure that your company gets the best information and the clearest path to pursuing your goals. Our analysts and consultants will be happy to guide you concerning any potential modifications to the QUANTsight analysis.


What if we have more questions?

Our analysts and consultants are eager to work with you at every stage of the QUANTsight process. We are never more than a quick phone call or email away and we prefer to keep the lines of communication open and all expectations clear. There is no question too big or too small; just drop us a line.