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Company assessment


An external DEI measurement framework


What is Honordex?

Honordex is Equality Group’s external DEI data measurement framework. It measures and scores companies’ DEI performance based on their publicly available information. This external scoring framework allows investors and employees to assess how diverse and inclusive a firm is, providing benchmarking parameters and key insights for taking action and creating impact.

What data do we collect?

Honordex collects data sourced from multiple publicly available information sites, including fund websites, social media channels, published articles and reports.

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What are the benefits of this process?

Evidence suggests that:

  • 42% of job seekers would like to work for a diverse and inclusive organisation
  • High rates of inclusion and belonging equate to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% decrease in turnover risk and a 75% reduction in sick days
  • A clear statement of positivity about diversity makes under-represented groups perform better at a variety of tasks

As all of this evidence is embedded in Honordex framework, the tool allows to identify achievement and improvement areas within your organisation building a clear path to increase your company’s value of DEI externally. Making it clear how much you value DEI pays dividends.

How is the data analysed?

Honordex covers seven core categories: Explicit DEI Support, Inclusive Team, Working Conditions, Actions and Data, Leadership, portfolio DEI and Additional Public Information. Within these categories, there are a total of 28 inclusion and diversity submetrics. Equality Group applies variable weightings to individual categories to reflect the most impactful data points across the core categories, as informed by the latest academic research.


How are the findings reported?

Equality Group delivers a concise report encompassing an overview of data collection and management, insights derived from the analysis, strategic action points to enhance or maintain progress, and an executive summary outlining potential strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.

What are the benefits of working with Equality Group?

  • Honordex shows a clear path towards external DEI maturity alongside a recommendation engine to improve or to maintain the good work.
  • With Equality Group acting as a separate data managing entity we can ensure complete confidentiality and accuracy.

What if we have more questions?

Our analysts and consultants are eager to work with you at every stage of the Honordex process. We are never more than a quick phone call or email away and we prefer to keep the lines of communication open and all expectations clear. There is no question too big or too small; just drop us a line.