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Using qualitative data to provide DEI-related insights


What is QUALsight?

QUALsight is Equality Group’s method of using qualitative data to provide DEI-related insights into your company.

Using open-ended, semi-structured interviews and a well-established, expert analysis strategy, Equality Group generates clear, collated information about your company’s DEI strengths and weaknesses, particularly those that are most sensitive and most difficult to predict. It is the best way to understand the finer nuances and hidden aspects of your DEI concerns.


What data do you collect?

Using techniques based on a combination of scientific expertise and industry best-practice, Equality Group will conduct semi-structured, open-ended interviews with a diverse selection of your team. These will allow members of your team to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that is genuine, free from judgement, and open to all aspects of their workplace experience.

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What are the benefits of qualitative data?

Quantitative data is excellent for identifying objective, numerical patterns. However, it is by nature less nuanced than qualitative data and entirely incapable of uncovering hidden variables that were not anticipated by a research or analysis team. The open-ended, free-flowing nature of QUALsight allows for truly participant-driven insights into a company’s most important DEI concerns and the reasons behind them.

How is the data analysed?

Our analyses are the same as those used in internationally-acclaimed, peer-reviewed research on diversity, equity and inclusion and are conducted by experts with several scientific publications to their name. We use a combination of qualitative thematic analysis and numerical transformation to identify central and repeated themes in the interviews. The goal is not to provide quantitative information about the trends in your company, but to add colour and meaning to those trends by developing a deeper understanding of the explanations behind them.

How are the findings reported?

Equality Group will produce a brief report, typically 15 - 20 pages, that will include an overview of how your company’s data were collected and managed, the themes that emerged from the interviews, patterns of differences concerning the ways in which or the frequencies with which themes emerged from different members of your organisation, and an executive summary of the key areas of potential strength, weaknesses, and growth.

These reports have the potential to contain the most sensitive, emotive, and detailed perspectives on your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion. Quotes and examples will be used to illustrate and clarify key points, but you will never have access to individual responses in a way that would make any of the respondents identifiable.

What are the benefits of working with Equality Group?

  • Many DEI companies conduct interviews. However, very few have the relevant scientific and industry expertise to analyse and manage qualitative data in a way that provides clear insights.
  • Unlike many other companies, Equality Group prioritises the 1-to-1 interview over focus groups. These may take more work, but they are well worth it as they provide the highest level of anonymity, data protection, and freedom to discuss real issues.
  • Even more so than with quantitative data, collecting qualitative data raises difficult issues of anonymity, data protection, and trust. With Equality Group acting as a separate data managing entity we can ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity, encouraging your team to be fully open and honest.

What if we have more questions?

Our analysts and consultants are eager to work with you at every stage of the QUALsight process. We are never more than a quick phone call or email away and we prefer to keep the lines of communication open and all expectations clear. There is no question too big or too small; just drop us a line.