FTSE 100 CEO Diversity Data 2021

March 2021 | FTSE 100 CEO Diversity Data 2021

The Equality Group FTSE 100 CEO Diversity Data 2021 is a report which collected the latest data on the diversity of CEOs in the FTSE 100. In 2018, an INvolve report revealed there were more CEOs named
Dave and Steve than there were women and ethnic minorities.

Three years on, Equality Group reviewed and analysed the diversity of leaders in the UK’s most powerful and valuable companies.

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March 2021 | Inclusive Index Report

The Equality Group Inclusive PE & VC Index 2021 is a comprehensive evaluation tool that analyses fund performance on inclusion, diversity and equity over the past 12 months. It allows funds to benchmark themselves to peer organisations and develop meaningful actions to continually improve on social sustainability performance.

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February 2021 | LGBT+ Lens Report

Research undertaken by Equality Group together with LGBT Great, LGBT Capital and the Bisi Alimi Foundation has revealed that the LGBT+ community are seeking more thought-leadership and values-driven management from the investment sector, while investment professionals inadequately understand and deploy LGBT+ related sustainability considerations in their products. The report goes on to outline how to effectively employ an LGBT+ lens strategy.

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April 2020 | White Paper

Research has uncovered a number of small things that can have similarly large and positive effects on your business and your employees. With this White Paper, Equality Group provides a scientifically-grounded, up-to-date look at these Micropositives; small but powerful steps toward a more inclusive and more productive workplace.

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Inclusive Remote Working Guide

April 2020| White Paper

The Inclusive Remote Working Guide is here to equip individuals and organisations to maintain and develop inclusive ways of working together. Equality Group have compiled scientifically-grounded advice for how to foster inclusion and connection for remote working teams, drawing upon the best business practice currently available.

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Nitishah report Newsletter

February 2020 | Report

Equality Group has commissioned nationally representative research that investigates social mobility following a KPMG report that found that the financial services sector suffers an above average percentage of ‘nepotism’ with low levels of social mobility. In light of this, Equality Group explores the truth about how people are securing their jobs.

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September 2019| White Paper

The latest scientific evidence shows that the hyper-focus on unconscious bias training, to the exclusion of other strategies, will probably make your company less diverse and inclusive, not more. Our white paper covers what you have to know about bias, unconscious and otherwise, and the best evidence-based strategies for dealing with the problem.

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August 2019 | Report

Within the UK, social mobility has been virtually stagnant since 2014 with entry into professional occupations remaining largely dependent on parent’s careers, professional networks and access to educational opportunities. Nationally representative research by Equality Group highlights the truth about social mobility in the UK.

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June 2019 | Report

Equality Group has commissioned nationally representative research* building on the work of the Stonewall report. The survey conducted by Equality Group is trying to further understand how unconscious bias, workplace culture and management ability effect the career experience of the LGBTQ+ community.

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May 2019 | Report

Equality Group has commissioned nationally representative research following several high profile cases of poor working culture. It proves that toxic cultures are having a corrosive effect on employee wellbeing. Meanwhile, 60% reported that a good manager meant they’d stay in a role.

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March 2019 | Report

A year and a half since the popular emergence of #MeToo on social media, The Equality Group – an organisation that helps companies attract, retain and develop diverse talent – has commissioned nationally representative research that delves into the tangible impact the movement has had on the UK’s workplace culture.

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January 2019 | Report

Equality Group has commissioned nationally representative research that delves into UK ethnic minority citizens, their career aspirations and the inequalities that persist within the world of work. This research is launched amidst latest industry data that shows only 84 of the 1,048 directors in the FTSE100, originate from an ethnic minority.

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"With our own research we provide an evidence-based foundation for our three services: Exectuive Search, Strategic Consulting and Inclusion Education."

Dr Keon West, Head of Research